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Seventy-five years of experience in the Wildwoods Real Estate has given Hoffman Agency Inc. a very clear understanding of our market, our clients' needs and, importantly, the most effective ways to serve those clients. We know where the buyers are and how to reach them; we know what sellers want and how to do the very best job for them.

We're recognized in the real estate industry for the innovative marketing strategies and pricing options and our rapid response to consumer expectations.

We're "ahead of the curve." we know what staying ahead of that famous curve takes: the ability to anticipate the market, the capability to conduct accurate research and the management skills to implement services that help our clients to achieve their goals.


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In today's real estate market, a broad systems approach is necessary to successfully promote and sell property; the old methods are no longer enough. The buying public is more knowledgeable and more demanding. They value convenience and professional assistance; they want more extensive services.

Recognizing and responding to those consumer trends, the Hoffman Agencies services has developed targeted real estate advertising campaigns and implemented the full service programs that appeal to the majority of buyers.

Our research is comprehensive. We know what buyers want and how to reach them through innovative new sales techniques we've added to our already array of home marketing services.

Where Buyers Come From…

  • 25% Former Customers

  • 25% Real Estate Professionals

  • 18% Yard Signs

  • 10% Company Reputation

  • 10% Advertising

  • 7% Relocation

  • 5% Open Houses  




Dangers of Overpricing

When a property is overpriced, windows of opportunity are missed.

The market approach: broker and buyer interest is at its highest when a property is first put on the market. But if the property is priced above realistic market value, the excitement and number of showings are greatly reduced. 

Later, it may be necessary to adjust the price below market value to compete with new, competitively priced listings.


Marketing real estate is a complex process that involves a variety of strategies and the ability to effectively target buyers.

Many people believe newspaper advertising sells property. But as studies reveal, advertising is just one element of a comprehensive marketing plan.

We understand the entire range of categories from which buyers are drawn and focus our efforts accordingly.



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